Cookies and Cosby


Kitchen Memories

Though I have many fond memories in the kitchen, one of my favorite is from my childhood. Thursday nights were known as “Cookies and Cosby” night. My Dad, my sister, and I would dash into the kitchen about a half an hour before The Cosby Show was scheduled to start to make Toll House chocolate chip cookies. (Mom was off the hook for this endeavor.)

One of us would get the dry ingredients, the other the wet ingredients, while Dad mixed them up in our stand mixer. We’d pop them in the oven (with a few generous tastes from the bowl directly to our mouths in the process) and with any luck be sitting down on the couch, licking warm chocolate from our lips, right as Bill danced across the screen in that fabulous sweater of his.

Why I Bake and Cook

Food. It’s more than fuel. For me, it’s time spent creating something special for someone I love, often with someone I love. Maybe that person requires special, pricey ingredients because of dietary restrictions. So what. I’ve just made them the first peanut butter cookie they’ve eaten in years. The response? “It tastes like home.”

Just the Beginning

Join me as I create sweet and savory dishes, many healthy, others decadent, that may be vegan, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, vegetarian, whole grain, etc. and above all delicious!


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